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Smartphone showing the Snipd app with the podcast player screen, Snip creation, and transcript features.

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A summary extract of a Lex Fridman podcast

5min Podcast Summaries

Quickly get an overview of a podcast before diving in, and review key lessons afterward.

Read or listen to our high-quality AI summaries!

Podcast Transcripts & Chapters

Read the transcript while listening and look up words.

Navigate podcasts with ease and skip parts you’re not interested in thanks to our AI-generated chapters.

Transcript and chapters generated for a podcast
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Share podcast highlights

Share your "snips" and AI notes with friends or in the community. Easily export them as video.

Sync to your
Notes App

Export your podcast highlights and notes to your second brain in Notion, Readwise, Obsidian, Bear, LogSeq, and many more.


Including AI-generated transcript, title, and highlight summary for your PKM.

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Highlight podcasts
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with AI

Simply tap your headphones to save any moment with AI-generated transcript, summary and title.


Take notes from podcasts without taking out your phone with the help of AI.

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